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How to get to Chapada Diamantina?Hi guys. After these 2 posts about “Esterzinha no Brasil”: Roadtrip from Maresias to Rio and Ilha Grande, it’s time to talk about the spectacular place, called: The Chapada Diamantina. We separate it in 2 posts about this natural paradise.

How to get to Chapada Diamantina?

We flew to Salvador and again rented a Fiat Doblô at the airport. It costs you 1.500 reais for 7 days.

Salvador’s access to Chapada Diamantina is by BR 324. There are 4 tolls on this road costing an average of 4.50 reais each.

How to get to Chapada Diamantina?

The vegetation aside the road changes very often. There are no more beaches, but on the other hand, there is a stunningly beautiful nature.

Pay attention on the road! It has many trucks and the drivers drive like crazy.

Just to give an example, we have had a lot of problems in overtaking. Craaazyyyy

Lençóis – the enchanted city of Chapada Diamantina

Lençóis is the closest town to the Chapada Diamantina Nationalpark. It’s small but beautiful. With cobblestone streets, it becomes more enchanting.

The little town breathes sport and adventure. Everyone who visit the place is  a particularly nature and sport lover.

Small city Lençóis - Chapada Diamantina

As visitors are always making day trips, the highest moment of Lençóis is consequently the night.

The magic of the night falls on Lençóis and undeniably everyone enjoys it.

The small center is very nice. There are restaurants, various tourist agencies, craft shops and street dance.

Where to stay in Lençóis?

We stayed and recommend the Pousada Lumiar.

It is a colonial mansion, restored and listed by historical patrimony. Located very close to the city center of Lençóis.

Pousada Lumiar Chapada Diamantina

They offer different types of lodging, such as: Shared rooms, private rooms and even Chalets. In addition, there is also Camping in the same place.

Pousada Lumiar Chapada Diamantina

Ohh .. the beautiful view of a garden full of fragrant flowers to the sound of exotic birds, accompanied by a delicious breakfast (many things from their own vegetable garden).

What to see and do in Lençóis?

This enchanted small town offers a lot of good things. Like below:

Serrano Municipal Park – the beach of Lencóis

The Serrano is a municipal park that includes the natural swimming pools or cauldrons that form in the Lençóis river.

Serrano Municipal Park - the beach of Lencóis

Unfortunately in March there is no water in abundance, but even so, we were able to enjoy our private  natural swimming pool:

Serrano Municipal Park - the beach of Lencóis

Saloon of Colored Sands

It’s amazing to see this sand saloon in a place that has no sea. But in the past, the plateau was seabed. Unbelievable.

Salon of Colored Sands

Salon of Colored Sands


As its name suggests, it is a small waterfall 🙂

The cachoeirinha in Lençóis

The cachoeirinha in Lençóis, has little volume of waterfall, however, is great to cool down after the climbs and descents of the trails covered by the Serrano.

The cachoeirinha in Lençóis

The transparent water of Cachoeirinha in the Serrano Park of Chapada da Diamantina offers delicious moments to relax.

Due to being a small waterfall with little water volume the waterfall is shallow and is ideal to enjoy the view.

Halley Well

Halley Well - lençóis Chapada Diamantina

I just did not want to get out of that well. I really love it. The color of the water enchanted me and the magic of this place naturally takes you to another level.

Gruta da Fumaça – Caves of Smoke

This cave is located in Iraquara. Considered one of the most complete caves of the region due to the geological formations.

Gruta da Fumaça - Chapada Diamantina - Grotto of Smoke

We had contact not only with stalactite / stalagmite formations but also with Arogonite Flower, considered a rarity.

Gruta da Fumaça - Chapada Diamantina -Grotto of Smoke

The highlight of this ride for me, was the moment that we put out the lanterns and we were silent for a minute.The darkness makes me reflect.

Gruta da Fumaça - Chapada Diamantina -Grotto of Smoke

For a minute I was able to travel “inside the cave”.

It is obligatory to hire a guide, since obviously they know everything and preserve the cave very well.

It is well worth this tour. You will love it.

Farm Pratinha

This farm is a great option for a walk in the Chapada Diamantina. The Pratinha farm is located in Iraquara, very close to Lencóis. The route is well signposted and GPS helps a lot.

To enter to Pratinha farm costs R$40. Giving access to Pratinha Cave, Pratinha River and Blue Cave. In addition there is restaurant, restrooms and parking.

The farm is really beautiful, but everything is paid separately.

The price R$40 per person is to enter to the farm, visit the blue cave and swimming in the Rio Pratinha.

Attractions and prices on Fazenda Pratinha

Blue Cave – It is included in the entrance fee. Between the months of April to September, between 14 and 15 h, solar rays produce a very beautiful scenery in the Cave. It turns blue indeed. Unmissable.

Fazenda Pratinha - Gruta azul - Blue Grotto

As we did not know about the time, we managed to get only a little bit of the blue.

Our visit was in March, maybe in this month the Cave is not so blue :/

Pratinha River – It is included in the entrance fee. This river is very clean, there are many fish. Take snorkel gear and enjoy a lot. Worth it 🙂

Fazenda Pratinha - Rio Pratinha

If you observe well, you will have a sweet surprise on the dirt road that leads you to the river:

Fazenda Pratinha - Rio Pratinha

They eat from the palm of the hand.

Sooo cute..Isn´t it?

Fazenda Pratinha - Rio Pratinha

Zipline on the Rio Pratinha – 20 reais

Swim in the Pratinha Cave – 40 reais – Even though it’s a salty price, the snorkel tour is worth it. You will know the interior of the cave in total darkness.

Fazenda Pratinha - Gruta Pratinha - Cave - Grotto

All my friends were, except me. I’m really afraid. Even those who are experienced have said that it is not for anyone.

The half hour includes snorkel, duck walk, life jacket and lantern. The photos are breathtaking.

For those who enjoy it, it must be an incredible experience.

Here you can see the most beautiful scenes of this natural paradise, called Chapada Diamantina:

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