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“Esterzinha na Suíça Adventures” is a great option for you who want to visit Switzerland in a different form:  with adventure

We – a couple of guides – are outdoor enthusiasts and show you the best activities for summer and winter. The list of things to do here is big and getting bigger every year!

On this page you will find advice on how to move around in Switzerland as well as basic information on how to enjoy the country of the Alps to the fullest.

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Two places not to be missed: Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill

Traveling through Chapada Diamantina is to collect adventures. Whatever your level of adventurous spirit is, you will surely be in paradise. All about The Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill Write down there. Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill are two must-see attractions for your visit of the Chapada Diamantina. For those who arrived here …


Outdoor adventures throughout the year.

Our goal – your adventure

It has almost become a life goal for us to motivate other people to experience outdoor adventures. To achieve incredible things with his own physical strength and to experience wonderful moments, views and landscapes are constant companions of outdoor enthusiasts. In doing so, one does not only do good for one’s health and body, but can also restore an almost forgotten relationship between man and nature.

For this reason, we have put together a list of various options for you, showing what you can do here in Switzerland. The list is still far from complete, but is constantly being expanded.
We distinguish between summer and winter activities, although some of them sound very similar, but in practice they differ considerably from each other.

winter adventure

Outdoor adventures in winter

summer adventure

outdoor adventures in summer


Who we are

We are an adventurous couple who is always in search of new challenges.

We like to explore more and more the beautiful and small Switzerland, be it by bike, walking, train or any other means of transport.

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A little country in the center of Europe called Switzerland

Switzerland means: chocolate, cows and banks…or not?

Defining a country is always difficult. For everyone a country is something different, one connects the country with the things one knows or seems to know. It is to be hoped that everyone here knows that Switzerland is not only made up of banks, cows and chocolate. The fact that there is not only snow and ice here, but also a very warm summer, that four different languages are spoken in this country, and that Switzerland has no president, king or even dictator, is something that many people no longer know. Even where this country is located at all, not everyone knows for a long time, many people confuse Switzerland with Sweden.

The following video is addressed to all those who are interested in other countries and would like to find out more about Switzerland.

Now I know everything, don´t I?

If you watched the video, you already know a lot about Switzerland. But of course your knowledge is far from complete – just like ours. If you are interested in getting to know more about the country, the people who live here, about the culture and of course various leisure activities, you should subscribe to our channel. Every week there is a new exciting video about topics from different areas where you can learn a lot or just enjoy the pictures.