Snowshoeing – one of the most underrated winter-sports

What is snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing is nothing else than take a walk or hike in the deep, fresh snow which is an amazing feeling. In order to do that without becoming wet feet, you will use snowshoes.

best conditions for snowshoeing


What´s a snowshoe?

If you have never heard of snowshoes let alone saw any of them, you can think about it as a pair of tennis rackets you put under your shoes in order not to sink to deep into the snow.

Snowshoeing equipment

How to use snowshoes

You need four things to make it work:

  • Snowshoes
  • A bag to carry the snowshoes
  • Two sticks
  • Solid shoes

With the solid shoes you just enter into the snowshoes and the two sticks you hold in your two hands in order to keep your balance – it´s pretty similar to skiing.

snowshoeing in deep snow

When to use the snowshoes

As the name already indicates, you use this special shoes just to walk in the snow. If there is not so much snow, you can walk with normal winter shoes, but if you have like half of a meter snow or more, you will feel very uncomfortable without the snowshoes. This special shoes have also iron dents beneath it, so you can climb much easier and walk over ice without falling down.

snowshoing trekking

So, if you want a nice and different adventure combined with physical activity, you should go snowshoeing!