Sledging like Santa Claus

Sledging – what is this?

Imagine a wheel-less soap-box made of wood that slides in the snow – this is a sled. But how to drive a sled? It is simply: you climb a mountain on foot or catch the funicular and just ride all back down with the “Snow soap-box”. The more inclined a mountain is, the more difficult the descent will be, thus requiring greater effort and attention from the driver! Sledging = fun – a lot of fun!


How does a sled work

Sledging is something everyone can learn very fast. The sled has no steering wheel, and the brake is on you. With your feet you can brake, turn left / right and control the speed. Pretty much like the soap-box, isn´t it?

ride a sled

What is needed to ride a sled

You will probably need a sleigh, whether it is your own or rented on the spot. Outside of special winter clothes, including gloves and caps, you also need good waterproofed shoes.

winter soap box

Different options

  • On full moon nights one can practice this sport with the moonlight reflecting in the snow. the mood is super romantic.
  • In the night, however, with the use of a lantern to light the way
  • Eat a delicious fondue at the top of the mountain and after that just driving all down with the sled

It is a much more fun activity when doing it in a group, because who will laugh at you when you fall? Is it not? ?

sledging at night
Did you like this new version of the Soap-box? Would you like to do this adventure in the snow? contact us and we Might could do together some sledging


Watch here how to ride a sled “Soap-Box”