Two places not to be missed: Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill

Traveling through Chapada Diamantina is to collect adventures.

Whatever your level of adventurous spirit is, you will surely be in paradise.

All about The Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill

Write down there. Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill are two must-see attractions for your visit of the Chapada Diamantina.

Pai Inácio Hill - Chapada Diamantina

For those who arrived here now, I am telling details of my road trip in Brazil with 5 “gringo” friends.

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Devil’s Well

The name is really ugly, but the place is totally the opposite.

Devil Well - Chapada Diamantina
Devil’s Well

Legend has it that its name is due to a sad and ancient story that happened in the place.

At the time of the mining in the region, the slaves hid some diamonds to steal. However, they were discovered, killed and thrown into this well.

The well and natural pools are formed through the Mucugezinho river. With only 15 minutes of walking, from the Mucugezinho, you are faced with this spectacle of nature.

Devil´s Well - Chapada Diamantina
Devil’s Well

The Devil’s Well is also a paradise for those who like rappelling, ziplining and jumping from range of heights.

Devil´s Well - Chapada Diamantina
Jump from Devil’s Well

It is important to be careful, because there are no lifeguards, that is, that those who practice these extreme sports, are responsible for themselves.

As I’m not a fan of water adventures, automatically my tanning at the devil’s pit has been swimming in the natural pools and admiring the beautiful nature.

Devil's Well - Chapada Diamantina
Devil’s Well

Oh, of course, I was a photographer and “camerawoman” of my friends, “jumpers.”

Look at this water? It is dark and enchanting as much as the crystalline ones. PHENOMENAL.

Rio Mucugezinho – River

In the Mucugezinho river, there is also a beautiful well, great for swimming and of course, jumping.

Mucugezinho River - Chapada Diamantina
Mucugezinho River

It has a shallow end for children to play and additionally, place for barbeque and bar.

Where are those places and how to get there

This tour is close to Lençois and access is by BR-242 (direction Seabra). There is a large parking lot at the side of the road, belonging to a handicraft shop and restaurant.

Mucugezinho River

After stopping the car, you need to cross the restaurant and follow behind it.

Mucugezinho River - Chapada Diamantina

It is 5 minutes of trail to reach the Mucugezinho River.

We decided to go straight through the Mucugezinho and go first to the Devil’s Well.

But the order does not change anything 🙂

Devil’s Well

Departing from the Mucugezinho River, with only 15 minutes of trail following downstream and you will find the Devil’s Well.

Devil's Well Trail - Chapada Diamantina
Devil’s Well Trail

Just at the beginning of the road we crossed an improvised bridge with trunks over the Mucugezinho river.

Devil's Well Trail - Chapada Diamantina

How much cost and difficulty level of the tracks

This trail is not long, but it requires a bit of the physical. Although easy, it is not suitable for people with limited mobility.

The access is free and you do not need a guide to take this tour if you are able to ask your way through.

What to bring to the waterfalls

I always recommend taking water, sunscreen, sunglasses, cap / hat (or something to protect the head) and repellent.

After what we spent on Ilha Grande, I would advise always repellent.

Devil's Well Trail - Chapada Diamantina

Other valuable tips: Waterproof cameras. They are the salvation and you will love the photos and videos. And of course, shoes. Do not go slippery or barefoot, as there are many rocks in the tracks and the ground is too hot.

Pai Inácio Hill

This tourist point of the Chapada Diamantina National Park belongs to the municipality of Palmeiras and whoever visits it never forgets the visual seen from above the hill.

Pai Inácio Hill - Chapada Diamantina
View from Pai Inácio Hill

It is one of the most sought after and famous attractions, considered, therefore, the postcard of the Chapada Diamantina.

Location and Visitation

To get to Pai Inácio Hill, access is relatively easy and the trail is located on the BR-242.

The Pai Inácio Hill, despite having 1,120m of altitude, is easily accessable.

There is a private parking lot. It’s free to park, but everyone needs to leave by 5 pm. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the gate is closed after this time.

What if you get carried away with the view of the hill, totally forgetting the closing time?

You will have to regret sleeping on the hill of Pai Inácio. I think that would not be a bad idea, since seeing the sunrise from this hill must be something absolutely incredible.

The visitation fee is 6 reais per person and it is used for continuous improvement of the place.

The history of the name “Pai InÁCIo´s Hill”

They say that it was a love story between the slave Inácio and the farmer’s daughter. Read the complete legend in this Blog here: History of Morro’s name

Thank you Adriano for sharing this beautiful article with us. I was thrilled.

The trail to Pai Inácio Hill

It presents a bit of difficulty as it is steep, but nothing that can not be done for anyone who is accustomed to climbs. I have meet elderly people on the trail 🙂

The vegetation of the hill

This park has varied microenvironments, which shelter from grasses of a few centimeters to trees with about 39 meters in height.

The vegetation of the Pai Inácio Hill - Chapada Diamantina

The view and the sunset

I say without a doubt, that it was one of the most spectacular views I have ever seen.

The view and the sunset from Pai Inácio Hill - Cahapda Diamantina

The sunset then? There are no words to express how magical and inspiring this moment was.

The view and the sunset from Pai Inácio Hill - Cahapda Diamantina

Tip: Toast this sunset from the hill of Pai Inácio. Take a wine and let the magic flow. The Chapada Diamantina can take you to another level of spirituality.

The view and the sunset from Pai Inácio Hill - Cahapda Diamantina
The view from Pai Inácio Hill

Check our videos about this places:

Live it. Live the moment. Go to those 2 places: Devil’s Well and Pai Inácio Hill.


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